The objective of CMC HR zone is to bring together local personnel managers, HR professionals and also laymen interested in the field of human resources from companies of different sizes. Simply everyone interested in the problems of human resources and interested in gaining new inspiration and sharing his/her experience.

We intend to offer space for the exchange of experience, sharing professional achievements as well as problems and also the possibility of further education in the field.

Regular meetings take place quarterly in different localities. (e.g. Čelákovice, Nymburk, Kolín, Říčany, Mladá Boleslav).

We select current issues from the field of human resources. We focus on frequently discussed areas (e.g. recruitment via social networks, HR closer to business, ESF, personal development, etc.). We will gladly supply the topics and discussions for the first meetings, but we would prefer your suggestions.

Good coffee creates congenial mood and atmosphere for mutual introductions. Thereafter we offer tasting of one of the current human resources issues concluded with your contributions and discussion.

Come and get acquainted with new people from your locality who are also engaged in human resources management.
You will not only sit and listen to lectures during our meetings. We will appreciate your contributions and experience on topic chosen for individual meetings. The meetings are about YOU and for YOU!!!

Come and share your experience with your local „colleagues“, get mutually inspired. Come and take part in the first ever HR meetings held locally.  

ADVANTAGES or what else you can expect from CMC HR Zone:

  • MINI legal consultancy
  • Sharing experience
  • Establishing new professional and also personal relationships

We are looking forward to meeting you!

For more information, please contact:

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tel: +420 776 770 091


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